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It’s now or never, swap your 2G phone for a brand new Huawei Y6 4G smartphone

How ?

Bring your 2G/GPRS/EDGE phone to any Telecom Shop and we will exchange it for a brand new Huawei Y6 4G smartphone.
You pay ONLY Rs 3,999 VAT inc. instead of Rs 7,999 VAT inc. (50% discount).

What do you get for FREE ?

An Orange Prepay SIM Card (If you do not have an Orange SIM) including

  • Rs 87 calls
  • Weekly mobile internet package (250 MB + 150 SMS and Unlimited Facebook)
  • As bonus: 3 Months Mobile Internet *

How much does it cost ?

You will pay ONLY Rs 3,999 VAT inc for this new mobile, instead of the normal price at Rs 7,999 VAT inc. (50% discount)

Note: For credit facilities, please bring along your National Identity Card.

* 200MB/month