Décès de Monsieur Deerajlall Boodhun

On nous prie d'annoncer le décès de Monsieur Deerajlall Boodhun, âgé(e) de 71 ans, aussi connu(e) sous le nom de Deeraj.

Le convoi mortuaire sortira de chez son épouse Madame Geeantee Kumaree Boodhun à Fountain Road, Roches Noires le 02/07/2022 à 02:30 PM pour se rendre à L'incinerateur de Piton.


May your soul rest in peace dear cousin Dheeraj. We shall always remember your cheerful face n generoys heart. We salute you brave brother.God has welcomed you to be under His protection. Om shanti. Boodhun family.

01 / 07 / 2022

Om shanti Om shanti Om Shanti Rest in peace mon cher cousin Dheeraj. I shall always cherish your good heart, sweet smile n the bravery you showed when trying hard to save your boss Lagesse from drowning in the cruel deep black waters one dark night. Rest in peace dear cousin.May God admit you in His Kingdom n purge you . Your soul is alive n will always remain so in the other world of God. Our deep condolences to Bhabhi Geeantee n family.

01 / 07 / 2022

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Nous présentons nos sincères condoléances aux familles endeuillées.


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