Key benefits

How to link your Rogers Capital account ?


Paying your instalments is very easy.

Just follow some steps:

  • Go to "Explore" at the right bottom corner of the home page screen.
  • Click on logo 'CIM Finance' or 'Rogers Capital'.
  • You will be directed to welcome page of the selected institution.
  • First time user will need to validate NID, enter OTP and validate contract details.
  • Select your instalment to be paid
  • Enter PIN to confirm payment
  • CIM Finance

CIM Finance payment  will be cleared on the same day.

  • Rogers Capital

Rogers Capital payment  will be cleared the last day of the month. 

If the outstanding amount for the month still appears on the app after payment, please ignore if payment has already been done. 

There are no restrictions concerning the number of instalments as far as it is linked to your NIC.

Currently, you can only view the total amount of each unpaid instalment & the due date of each instalment.

Currently, you need to pay the total amount of all your unpaid instalments.

Yes, advance payments are accepted.

You will get an in-app notification as well as an SMS to confirm that the transaction has been done.

To verify your payment, please follow the following steps:

  1. Choose ‘My transactions’ on home page (just below your wallet balance)
  2. All payments will be displayed.
  3. You can click on the payment to get more details.
  4. You can also view, share or print a receipt of the transaction.

Yes, you will get an SMS 1-2 days before the due date so that you do not miss your payment.