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Green data centre solution for your servers.

Host your servers in a safe, secured and fully equipped environment connected to a high bandwidth communication backbone network. We offer you a range of colocation options to host your servers for applications such as web, mail and CRM in our green data centre with a minimum of cost and complexity.

Who needs colocation?

  • Enterprises looking for more server space due to limited IT room space.
  • Companies looking for a greener, power efficient solution for their existing servers.
  • Businessmen concerned with security of their servers.

What are the key benefits?

  • Hassle free operations as you no longer need to deploy, operate and maintain IT infrastructure on your site.
  • Fast deployment of your servers
  • Managed high bandwidth end to end connectivity to access cloud services on private, public and hybrid environments.
  • Scalable solution with flexible pricing schemes:
    • - per U based pricing models or
    • - full racks pricing model with a choice of power consumption
  • Monitoring and alerting options are available to ensure business continuity.



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