The world of Apps

Get quick and easy access to awesome apps : DStv Stream, YouTube, OCS, TUNEIN, Traffic Watch… And add your favourite apps

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Cast your favourite photos, videos, music, and other content you love from your chromecast enabled apps to your TV.

Use your mobile device as a remote and easily supersize the things you love.

Voice is the new remote

Image Description Let your voice be the key to finding content you want. Endless possibilities, all powered by your voice. Say what you want and see what you say. Use voice commands for enhanced interactions with Google assistance on your remote control.


Enhance your viewing experience with the Multiview feature. It allows you to watch up to four channels at the same time.

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Easy to use on screen Programme Guide

A whole new way to watch TV, with its easy to use remote control and on screen TV guide giving you total control over how you watch TV.

Set Recordings

Just because you're out and about, doesn't mean you have to miss out. Record 3 shows simultaneously, watch a 4th, and store up to 50 hours of TV

The world is getting smarter


Control the devices in your home such as lights, gates, cameras using your voice or your smartphones. A home with a brain, limited only by your imagination.

Beginning of a great adventure


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