Why Deezer Premium?

Deezer Premium gives you access to 53 million legal tracks on your mobile

High-quality audio

Enjoy music with high quality audio for a better listening experience.

Offline listening

Download your music and listen without connection.

Play on demand

Play what you want, enjoy unlimited skips, and craft your own collection.

Cross device listening

Switch between your phone, tablet, desktop and other supported devices.

Ad-free experience

Stream all your favourite audio content without a single ad interruption.

Tailor-made features

Identify tracks or sing along to your favourite songs with built-in features like SongCatcher and Lyrics.

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Activate your Free Deezer Subscription

Call 8900 or Visit a Telecom Shop

You will receive an SMS with a link to sign up to your Deezer Account

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Sign up to your Deezer Account

Easy and simple steps to get you started


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You need to buy one of the following Deezer mobile internet packages

Packages Tariffs SMS included Send the following SMS to 8684
20MB Rs 99 buy 20mbdeezer
2GB Rs 349 500 SMS buy 1gbdeezer
5GB Rs 549 500 SMS buy 5gbdeezer

You will receive an SMS with instructions and a link to activate your Deezer account.

All prices are VAT inclusive.
Package validity: 30 days

Deezer Premium is included in my.t Postpay offers – Postpay 2000, Postpay 1000, Postpay 500. To activate your free Deezer subscription, call 8900 or visit a Telecom Shop.
You can listen to music on your mobile, PC and tablet. You can listen on 1 device online and on 2 other devices offline.
  • Choose the playlists and albums that you want to download.
  • Turn ON the download button.
  • To download your playlist, you can connect via Wi-Fi or 4G
  • Downloaded tracks will be indicated by a green button
  • Enjoy your playlists offline without internet connection
You will be able to listen to your downloaded playlists on offline mode only.
You will be able to access Deezer Premium until expiry of your Deezer Prepay package or your Postpay contract.
Your Deezer account will be automatically downgraded to Deezer Discovery, which allows you to listen on limited mode with adverts. Offline mode listening will not be available. However, you will keep your playlists and your personal information.
Yes, you can use your existing login and password. However, you will need to associate your mobile number again with Deezer
  • Buy a Deezer package
  • Click on link on SMS
  • Use existing account
  • Link mobile number with Deezer (code by SMS)
  • Go to app and login
Yes, you can but you will need to buy a Deezer mobile internet package or subscribe to a my.t Postpay to benefit from my.t mobile Deezer (full-fledged offer).