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Save time and go online to subscribe to our new my.t Start-Up offer. Click here and follow the simple steps.

If you need more guidance, you can also Call us on 8901 (free call) or visit your nearest Telecom Shop.

Do bring a copy of your Business Registration Certificate, National Identity Card of the company’s director or the authorised signatory and a proof of address with you.

Get your free delivery at your doorsteps by FedEx the next working day after your request.

If you need more guidance, you can also Call us on 8901.

To note: All delivery will ensure strict respect of all sanitary protocols.

Certainly, another person can collect the Start-Up delivery on your behalf.

You are required to provide details of the receiver when subscribing online as well as provide an authorisation letter during the delivery. The receiver will have to produce his/her NID at the time of collection.

  my.t Start-Up Business Boost 
What is it?  An all-in-one offer (internet, fixed, mobile)

- Fibre broadband with guaranteed blazing high speeds of up to 1Gbps.

- TV channels, mailbox & Cloud Storage are also part of the offer.
Technology  Mobile Fibre broadband
Internet speeds 4G speed 30Mbps, 80Mbps, 500Mbps, 1Gbps
Who is it for? Start-Ups SMEs


my.t Start-Up service is provided on my.t 4G mobile network which is available all around the island. However, if you experience poor service coverage, we advise you to place your router:

  • Where my.t mobile coverage is available;
  • At least 1 meter away from electrical devices;
  • In a well-ventilated and cool area away from direct sunlight;
  • On a high shelf or near a window to increase your Wi-Fi coverage.

Moreover, if you experience poor mobile connection, we recommend that you opt for Business Boost service instead of my.t Start-Up.

Router Connection

If the Network Status indicator is showing that reception is not optimal, reset your router and try again.

If the issue persists, you can also Call us on 8919.

If the Signal strength indicator on the router shows weak signal, adjust the router’s direction or move it close to a window to improve signal reception.

Try connecting different devices, such as different phones, to ensure that the issue is not coming from the device you are using or reset the router by pressing the reset button, to refresh your connection.

If the issue persists, you can also Call us on 8919.

You can connect up to 10 devices to your router at one time. Keep in mind that performance may be affected if you have multiple devices connected simultaneously, as connection will be shared amongst them.

You shall be surfing at 4G speed; the download speed shall be dependable on your location.

Note: Performance may be affected if you have multiple devices connected simultaneously, as connection will be shared amongst them.

Once your volume allowance is used, you will continue to browse for free at a reduced speed of up to 1 Mbps.

  • Open your preferred browser either on your laptop or smartphone and enter in the web address bar;
  • Log In with your device login password;
  • Click on tools;
  • Under the tab SMS Conversation, click on +
  • Send ‘conso’ on 8444;
  • You will receive an SMS with your remaining data balance.

You may also verify the data consumption via the Hi app. Just download the HiLink app from Google Play or App Store on your smartphone. Connect your smartphone to the router’s Wi-Fi and view your data consumption on the HiLink app as often as required.

For the time being the router supports up to 4G.


Yes, to make voice calls connect a fixed phone (wired or wireless) to the telephone port at the back of your router.

Mobile call charges are applied since calls are made from the Postpay SIM card in the router. Call charges are:


  Tariffs (VAT exc.)
Calls to my.t mobile Rs 1.00 /min
Calls to other mobile Rs 3.10 /min
Calls to fixed local operators Rs 1.80 /min

For the time being, you will experience an interruption in your internet connection when using the fixed handset connected to your router.

Contractual Period & Fees

There is a 6-months contract period for the Start-Up Plug & Play router and 12 months contract period for the Postpay Bundle package.

A penalty fee of Rs. 2,500 (VAT Incl.) applies upon cancellation before the minimum term of contract.

my.t Start-Up Plug & Play router: Visit your nearest Telecom Shop and bring along your my.t Start-Up router and its accessories for cancellation.

A penalty fee of Rs. 5,000 (VAT incl.) will be applicable if the Start-Up router and antenna are not returned.

Postpay: Send an email at to proceed with your cancellation.

Call us on 8919 to log you fault. If we can’t help you remotely, our technical team will visit you for assistance.

In case of negligence or misuse, the equipment will have to be replaced at your own cost.

A penalty fee of Rs. 5,000 (VAT incl.) is applicable in case of loss, tampering or damage.

Yes. Within seven (7) days following your subscription, visit your nearest Telecom Shop and bring the my.t Start-Up router and its accessories. We will verify your data consumption and eventually cancel your subscription.

Bills & Payment

You will receive your bill(s) on the email address you provided during your registration at the start of each month.

Paying your bill is easy. Choose your preferred method:

Select ‘Bill’ icon and scan the QR code on your bill.

If you have not yet registered to my.t money, visit your nearest Telecom Shop with your NID.

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