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Want to help a friend in need by transferring some of your credit to his mobile? Well, you can now with E-Transfer if you have a Prepay account.Just follow the few simple steps below.

Make sure you do have credit available on your mobile before starting a transfer.You can transfer between Rs 20 and Rs 1,000 per month.

For example, if my number is 5760 XXXX and I want to transfer Rs 50 to my friend whose mobile no. is 5750 XXXX

  • I send an SMS on 8500 to initiate the transfer in the form of T < space > < the number you wish to give credit to> <space> <Amount to be credited> <space> 0000 which in my case is:

    T < space > 5750 XXXX < space > 50 <space> 0000

  • The system will check if I have enough credit and my eligibility
  • If sufficient credit is available, the transaction is done
  • My friend's account is credited with Rs 50 and my account is debited with Rs 50
  • We both receive an SMS notification that will confirm that all went well

SMS will cost you 60c/SMS