What is my.t care?

my.t care is the one-stop after sales service for your device. If you’re having any trouble or issue, just drop by any Telecom Shop ; your device will be handled with utmost care and expertise for a hassle-free experience.

What you need to know on device repair

Which documents are required?

  • Your original NID or Passport

  • Your original proof of purchase

What do you have to do?

  • Back up the data on your device to secure your personal information

  • Remove security locks, SIM and/or SD card(s)

  • Sign out of your Google account/Apple ID/Huawei ID,..

  • Remove your cover and/or any accessories (including tempered glass, screen protector, stickers,..)

  • For iphone users, turn off ‘Find my iphone’.

How much does it cost?

  • An intervention/diagnosis fee may apply for products which exceeded their warranty period or were misused.

How does our after
sales service work?

Multiple Numbers

Bring along your NID and proof of purchase

Stay connected anywhere, anytime

Hand your product

Hassle Free for Tourists

Fill in the product repair form

One number two devices

The product is transported to our after sales department.

Reliable Connectivity

Diagnosis and repair are carried out by Authorised Service Centres

Multiple Profiles

Our team will contact you to collect your product

Warranty Coverage

Warranty coverage pertains to the extent to which manufacturers guarantee the quality, performance, and functionality of devices within a designated timeframe.

Warranty coverage is subject to the manufacturer’s own terms and conditions.

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