The all-in-one app to manage all your
my.t and Telecom services

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How to register on your Telecom App

How to pay your Telecom Bill, Download Statement, send/view receipt

How to Subscribe to a new service

How to upgrade your my.t home Internet & TV

How to Recharge my.t prepay airtime for yourself

How to Recharge my.t prepay airtime for another number

How to buy data pack for yourself

How to buy data pack for another person

How to register to eBill on Telecom App

How to manage another my.t mobile number

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Subscribe & Upgrade easily

  • Subscribe to a new Fixed line
  • Subscribe / upgrade to new Internet & TV offers
  • Subscribe / upgrade to new Postpay offers
  • Subscribe to ALO offers

Manage your mobile services


  • Check balance
  • View your data usage
  • Recharge airtime for you and others
  • Buy Mobile Data Packs for you and others


  • View offers
  • Upgrade offer
  • Pay bill

Manage your relatives’ account

  • Manage Fixed line, Internet + TV offers
  • Manage another my.t mobile number
  • Manage as many accounts as you wish

Pay your bills (MT and my.t Postpay)

  • View, download and share your bills statement
  • Pay your bill(s)
  • Choose bill(s) you wish to pay
  • Pay third-party bill(s)
  • Pay with my.t money or credit cards

Stay up-to-date

  • Latest products and services
  • Special offers
  • MT Communiques
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Get your bill by email

  • Go green and start receiving your MT bills by email (Fixed line, Internet & TV).

Track usage

  • Keep track of your mobile and
    broadband data usage

Quick Actions

  • Check status of Home Equipment
  • Change Wi-Fi Password
  • View your appointments
  • Get your bill statement

Get online assistance

  • Remote basic troubleshooting
  • Quick access to my.t Hotlines
  • Automatic registration of faults
  • Keep track of Complaints / Orders / Queries
  • List and location of Telecom Shops

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Get immediate answers in our FAQs

telecom app is an all-in-one app which enables you to manage all your my.t and Telecom services: Fixed line, Internet & TV, my.t Prepay, my.t Postpay.

You can now subscribe to/ upgrade your my.t services, pay your MT bills, get your bill statements, get your PIN & PUK, and find immediate solutions via self troubleshooting among others.

All your services can now be accessed and easily managed on-the-go on your telecom app.

Any my.t customer (Fixed line, my.t home, my.t mobile) both in Mauritius and Rodrigues can use the app. All you need is a smartphone/tablet and any local SIM (my.t mobile or any other operator) registered under your name.

Note: You cannot manage a SIM registered in the name of a company/organization.

Yes, telecom app is a free service. No subscription fee nor monthly charges is applicable.

Yes, Wi-Fi or mobile data is required to use the app. telecom app is zero-rated i.e., my.t mobile customers will not pay data charges when using the app. However, data charges will apply when you go to other websites/external links from the app (e.g. Flight Info, FOREX, etc.).