Conference Calling

You want to have a discussion with a group of people over your mobile phone?

Nothing is more convenient than to have everyone on the same call to ease the conversation. With 'Conference Calling' you can have up to six people on a call at the same time.


  • Add people to the call when you want
  • Start a conference call at any point during a normal call
  • Allow others to dial in to your conference call
  • Allow conferences to be held with callers on fixed lines and other mobile networks

How much does it cost?

Conference Calling service is free of charge. However, you will be charged at your standard rate for each person you call to join the conference. For example, if you have five people in the conference, you'll pay for five calls. If you invite someone from abroad to join a conference, international calling charges will apply.

How to enable 'Conference Calling' on your mobile?

You need to register for the service. Visit a Telecom Shop or call 8900.

How to start a conference call?

  • Make your first call
  • Wait for your correspondent to reply
  • From your phone options, choose "Add Call"
  • Dial the other number tand wait for the answer
  • Choose option "Conference", now you are in conference with both parties
  • To add another person in the conference, repeat step 3 to 5

If you have any more questions check out the FAQs

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