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Enjoy superfast fibre broadband and TV at home with our 10M, 20M, 30M and 100M fibre offers

Fibre Offers

Get connected to very high-speed broadband and TV

Our superfast fibre broadband offers



A reliable broadband connection



Watch TV in HD


More online

Everyone in your home can get online at the same time

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All packages include


TV channels

more than 48 TV channels


Video on Demand (VoD)

Access to more than 2,500 VoDs



Unlimited Wi-Fi internet access



access to cheaper international calls



1 email of type (mailbox capacity 100MB)


TV decoder

provided on rental to access my.t TV

  • Prices listed included VAT
  • Offers are subject to eligibility of your fixed line
  • Conditions apply
  • HD channels : right now we have 3 HD channels (TF1, MTunes et OCS Max). Other HD TV channels will be added gradually to our my.t Bouquets
  • Our fibre offers are unlimited with FUP (Fair Usage Policy)

On our 10M and 10M Discovery offers, you will get your (up to) speeds during the current month until a volume allowance is reached. After exceeding this volume allowance, your speed will decrease and you will get unlimited access at this speed until the end of the month. On the start of the following month, your speed and volume allowance are reset.

On 20M and 30M offers (my.t 20M, Fibre 20M, my.t 30M, Fibre 30M), fair usage policy may apply for excessive usages.

• 10M Discovery: you get a monthly volume allowance of 15GB (upload/download). If you exceed 15GB, you will benefit from unlimited internet at a reduced speed (up to 512Kbps download/128kbps upload)
• 10M : you get a monthly volume allowance of 75GB (upload/download). If you exceed 75GB, you will benefit from unlimited internet at a reduced speed (up to 1Mbps download/384kbps upload)