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Business Boost FAQ

About Business Boost

Business Boost is a high speed internet fibre service tailor made for SMEs.

You can now enjoy download speeds of up to 100 Mbps. In addition to the ultra-high speed Internet, communicate with a personalised mailbox of 50B capacity, as well as securely store your documents on the Cloud with a OneDrive for Business plan.
Choose the best option that suits you:

  • Call us on 8901
  • Visit us at one of our Telecom Shops
  • Email us a copy of the filled & signed Business Boost order form (available in the Downloads section) at
  • Talk to your Account Representative
Minimum term of contract: 1 year

Penalty fees are applicable if service is cancelled before the minimum term of contract.

Penalty fees: package rental multiply by the number of remaining months

Your contract will be automatically renewed after 1 year. To cancel your subscription after the minimum term of contract, kindly notify us 1 month in advance.
Yes. You may upgrade your package at any time. However, if you wish to downgrade your package before the contractual period, a penalty fee of Rs 2,500 VAT exc will apply.

No, you need not pay if the terminals are faulty.

However, in case of negligence or misuse, the equipment will have to be replaced at your own cost.

Charges in case of loss, tampering, misuse or damage are: Rs 5,000 VAT exc for the Wi-Fi router, Rs 2,000 for the Mi-Fi, Rs 5,000 VAT exc for the IPTV decoder and Rs 100 VAT exc for the remote control.
In case of loss, tampering, misuse or damage, the equipment will have to be replaced at your own cost.

Wi-Fi Router

Two Wi-Fi Networks are available:

  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Network
  • 5 GHz Wi-Fi Network
Depending on your device compatibility (PC/laptop/others), you will be automatically to the 5 GHz Network. Otherwise you will be connected to 2.4 GHz.
Connect the RJ45 cable from either of LAN ports 1 or 4 of the router to the LAN port of your PC/laptop. Or connect via Wi-Fi
Yes, consult the Wi-Fi's user guide available in the Downloads section.
Yes, consult the Wi-Fi’s user guide available in the Downloads section.


It is a portable mobile broadband device that allows multiple users to share a mobile internet connection.

The Mi-Fi in the Business Boost package comes with a prepay premium SIM.
The prepay premium SIM remains active for as long as 10 years. Only one recharge is required every 10 years to keep the mobile number for life.

The SIM includes Rs 86 credit, 15 minutes calls and 25 SMS for a defined period of time.
Choose the most convenient option to top up your prepay SIM:

  • E-Voucher
  • Bank ATM
  • Recharge by SMS for SBM and MCB customers
  • E-Transfer
  • my.t mobile online top-up
  • my.t money
Consult the Mi-Fi's user guide available in the Downloads section.
Send buy ‘Keyword’ on 8684 on the SMS tab of your Mi-Fi’s admin page

E.g To buy a Weekly 200MB package, send buy internetweek1 on 8684

By Gift Data
Gift your Mi-Fi device a mobile internet package by sending gift 'keyword' ‘your Mi-Fi’s number' on 8684 from any my.t mobile phone.

E.g To gift a Weekly 200MB package, send gift internetweek1 ‘your Mi-Fi’s number ' on 8684

Remove your battery cover and look for Reset button. Using a pin, press and hold the Reset button for five seconds. Your Mi-Fi device will automatically restart.
Call us on 8900.


When you subscribe to any Business Boost package, you’ll get 1 mailbox free of charge. The mailbox capacity differs for each package chosen.
No worries! Send us an email on and we’ll create more email addresses for you.

For more information on the different mailboxes options, call us on 8901.
  • Email data is private, secure, and protected from advanced threats.
  • The security & privacy features are all built-in and upgrade update automatically.
  • Mobile devices can securely access email from anywhere.
  • It has enhanced data loss prevention features.
  • Storage space of up to 50GB.


Access to a wide range of TV channels with themes to entertain all your customers and employees:

  • News
  • Music
  • Documentary
  • Lifestyle
  • Local channels
  • Kids
  • Generaliste

  • Call us on 8901
  • Or visit us in one of our Telecom Shops
  • Or talk to your Account Representative