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Managed Global MPLS

Mauritius Telecom’s Managed Global MPLS VPN Service is an international virtual private network solution based on IP/MPLS (MultiProtocol Label Switching) technology.

This solution is designed to help global businesses enjoy the benefits of converged voice, video and data on a single network.

Our Global MPLS VPN service is built on resilient network architecture Interconnection with global MPLS Partners at MT’s Points of Presence (PoP) in Telehouse 1, Paris and Telehouse West, London.

MT has also implemented an MPLS network with Partners in Asia, Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands of Seychelles and Madagascar.

Key Features

  • Highest network reliability with auto-protected submarine cable paths
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 MPLS VPN service
  • Point to point and point to multipoint connectivity
  • 3 Classes of Service (CoS) for Layer 3 MPLS service :Premium (Real time applications such as voice and video), Enhanced (Low latency applications such as CRM, ERP…) , Basic (Non-critical applications such as FTP, Internal messaging…)
  • Delivered on Ethernet Interface using copper or Fibre Optic access
  • Wide range of bandwidth available to suit all businesses needs with ease of upgrade and downgrade

End to End Managed Services

Stringent Service Level Agreement

24/7 Hotline and On-call Support through MT Service Management Centre manned with highly qualified Network specialists

Traffic Monitoring

View your traffic usage, service performance and line status online through secured web access

Advanced SLA Options for faster site repairs

  • 24/7 GTRS 1: within 8 hours (Default)
  • 24/7 GTRS 2: within 6 hours
  • 24/7 GTRS 3: within 4 hours

Advanced SLA Options for back up services

Enhanced Site Access (ESA) with IP VPN Backup using IP sec tunnel

Advanced SLA Options for Enhanced Path Access (EPA): Dual Router, Dual Loop, Dual Homing


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