Enjoy Wi-Fi in your car

Transform your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot zone and stay connected whilst on the move.


  • Supports 4G network
  • Plugs to the cigarette lighter
  • Supports up to 10 users online simultaneously
  • One 5V/1A USB to provide power to another device
  • LED light indicating 4G signal, Wi-Fi, message & charge
Stay productive

Keep ahead of your emails, start working on your presentations or simply stay up to date with business and world news while on the move.

Enjoy the ride

Watch latest videos on YouTube, stay in touch with your friends on Facebook or connect with your family on Skype.
The entertainment list is endless…

Navigate fearlessly into the unknown

Get navigation directions and drive your way through the shortest route to unknown destinations.

How it works?

  1. Insert a micro-SIM card into the CarFi device.
  2. Plug the CarFi into your car's cigarette lighter.
  3. Press & hold the power button.
  4. Search for the CarFi's Wi-Fi network (SSID) on your smartphone.
  5. Connect to the Huawei HiLink mobile app on your smartphone to manage your CarFi.

The Huawei HiLink app may be downloaded on Google Play Store or App Store. Make sure you download the Huawei HiLink app before connecting to your CarFi's wireless network.

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