HR: Need for Correlation against Mismatch in Financial sector

  • Posted 29 Jun 2012
HR: Need for Correlation against Mismatch in Financial sector

Participants attending a validation workshop organised by the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) at Domaine Les Pailles on 28 June 2012 spoke of various pressing issues that need to be addressed in order to resolve the mismatch of skills and shortage of qualified labour in the Financial sector in Mauritius.

There is a need to establish a correlation between what employers are looking for and tapping the available talent pool. Closer collaboration and dialogue between the industry and training institutions are fundamental.

Modules on work ethics should be integrated in the school curriculum to inculcate the right approach and work culture in students from an early age. Professional career guidance should be introduced as from Form III level.

At organisational level, continuous learning through top up courses and training should be encouraged. These were among recommendations made at the conclusion of the workshop.

The participants comprised young unemployed people who have completed their studies as well as representatives from the Finance Authorities, banks, offshore companies, training institutions, tertiary education institutions, insurance and leasing companies and investment companies.

The workshop sought to forge a shared understanding of the many challenges that the Financial sector in Mauritius is facing.

Discussions revolved around the findings of a survey carried out by the HRDC in August-September 2011 on skills mismatches in this sector.

“My Ministry through HRDC is playing a key role in joining up a wide range of initiatives to achieve our vision to have a creative and competent human resource base in line with the vision of the government to make Mauritius a knowledge hub,” said Vasant Kumar Bunwaree, Minister of Education and Human Resources, who was the chief guest on the occasion.

The Minister further said that the nexus between skills training and employability provides a powerful tool for the empowerment of citizens, the spread of decent work and the enhancement of individual and collective quality of life.

In his opening address, the Director of HRDC Raj Auckloo stressed that the HRDC is strongly committed to encouraging employers to invest in the continuous training and development of their staff. “And to facilitate training, promote employability and improve the access to and the quality of training programmes, the HRDC is offering a number of incentives through the Training Grant Schemes,” he added.

The Vice Chairperson of the HRDC, Shamshuddin Durgauhee, highlighted that employees were the biggest asset of an organisation.
“We understand that firms may not always possess the foresight to ensure that sufficient number of people are being trained in transferable skills vital to the economy and to the long term national needs. Thus, through such initiatives, we would like to support these enterprises through manpower planning and development,” he said.

Following input and suggestions from the participants, the HRDC will now come forward with a list of projects as well as an implementation plan to address the skills gap in the Financial sector in Mauritius.