AXYS & AfrAsia launch the ‘ACM High Yield Fund’

  • Posted 04 Jul 2012
AXYS & AfrAsia launch the ‘ACM High Yield Fund’

From left to right: Swadick Nuthay Director AXYS Capital Management, James Benoit and Thierry Vallet, respectively CEO and Executive Director of AfrAsia Bank Ltd

AXYS Capital Management and AfrAsia Bank limited have announced the launch of their latest open ended fund, the ACM High Yield fund on Tuesday 3rd July during a press conference.

This investment product provides both regular income and a low risk exposure to a broad market base. The new fund allows investors to diversify their portfolios with access to higher-yielding alternatives available in today´s investing environment.

ACM high yield fund is an open-ended fund, also known as a retail collective investment scheme [CIS], which aim is to generate regular income for investors and reasonable growth over time, by investing in a diversified portfolio of selective debt securities including: Treasury Bills, Treasury Notes, Government Bonds, MDLS, corporate debt obligations (such as bonds, debentures, notes and commercial paper) and high yield listed equities.

The Fund offers two types of investment options firstly, a lump sum Investment plan (with ‘one-off’ payment options), and secondly a regular investment plan (with regular monthly payments).

The required minimum investment via a lump sum plan is MUR 50,000, whereas the regular investment plan requires a minimum monthly contribution of MUR 3,000. The Fund ensures a high level of liquidity with weekly entry and exit dates.

With the regular investment plan an investor will be able to formulate long term financial planning to realise key long term projects: educational, retirement or travel plans. It is also a good alternative to traditional banking and insurance products.