ACCA New Members to get accolade from CEO Helen Brand and Finance minister Duval on 10 August

  • Posted 02 Aug 2012
ACCA New Members to get accolade from CEO Helen Brand and Finance minister Duval on 10 August

ACCA Mauritius will welcome New Members again this year with a special ceremony, scheduled for 10 August 2012 at Maritim Hotel, sponsored by Bramer Bank. Successful affiliates of ACCA having attained Membership status in 2011-2012 will get their symbolic recognition from ACCA’s worldwide CEO Helen Brand and Mauritius Finance minister Hon. Xavier Luc Duval, during the ceremony.

Helen Brand will pay an official visit to Mauritius on 9 and 10 August, meeting top officials and partners. She has been the CEO of ACCA since 2008 and has a keen interest in fostering the accountancy profession in developing markets. Helen was involved in the setting up of the ACCA Mauritius Office in the year 2000.

Key Mauritian officials as well as major ACCA partners from the accountancy firms and training institutions will also be present at the event. A special recognition will also be given during that event to the chartered certified accountants having reached 25 years of ACCA membership in 2012.

ACCA is welcoming about 160 new Members for financial year 2011-2012. ACCA’s New Member Ceremony is a symbolic and public recognition of this achievement. To be eligible as a Member, one should first be an affiliate of ACCA (i.e : a graduate having passed all ACCA exams). The affiliate should then demonstrate, according to ACCA’s strict criteria, the right mix of knowledge, professional experience and expertise as well as dedication to the proper ethic principles in the profession. Evaluation for Membership is based on thirteen performance objectives monitored by a workplace mentor/training supervisor over a total of 3 years effective professional experience in minimum, in addition to completing the ACCA Professional Ethics module.

Commenting on the 2012 New Member Ceremony, Madhavi Ramdin, Country Manager for ACCA Mauritius, said: “We are delighted to celebrate individuals who have attained membership of ACCA, and also to honour the people who have been ACCA members for 25 years. Membership is a crucial milestone for anyone who wishes to embark on a rewarding career in accountancy. We congratulate our new members for their achievement and wish them every success in their professional lives. They will no doubt very rapidly reap the numerous benefits associated with placing the letters “ACCA” next to their names”.