Launch of, a Training and Employment magazine

  • Posted 30 Apr 2019
Launch of, a Training and Employment magazine

A magazine dedicated to Training and Employment, has been launched recently. 

The magazine aims to bridge the gap which exists with respect to information needed by the youth to make informed decision about their studies and their career. It will bring to every Mauritian, information to help him/her to choose the type of training he/she wants to follow.

According to Roland Dubois, Director of, access to training must be available to everybody, if we want every Mauritian to be learned and skilled and be employable; information and training must be constantly available. 

There is not enough information available about training and its development, incentives available, necessary regulation, the training institutions delivering training, most particularly private ones and the type of training being delivered.

Mr Dubois says that this magazine will bring its contribution to the building of a learned and competent population in Mauritius. 

The first issue of gives a good insight into tertiary education and means available to fight unemployment and also highlights the importance of e-learning in today's landscape, amongst others.

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