Stress and its effects on hair growth

  • Posted 27 Feb 2006
Stress and its effects on hair growth

Find out how stress affects hair growth and its appearance and also ways to relieve stress...

Hair loss problem is on the rise affecting both men and women. While for women baldness is quite rare, a great majority of men suffering from hair loss may end up bald. Hair loss and graying are both natural processes which occur due to ageing and slowing of the body metabolism.

However, the big problem is that people are experiencing hair loss at a younger age, as early as in their twenties or thirties. During several weeks, we will provide articles on causes of hair loss, solutions to improve the condition, diet to improve hair appearance and its growth as well as hair care advice. Taking early action to control hair loss will prevent further worsening of the problem and an eventual baldness.

Stress and its effects on hair growth

You will find through the next articles that causes of hair loss are various and result of either, bad diet, lifestyle, improper hair care and health problems. We hope that these articles wil make people more conscious about factors which cause hair loss and take proper measures.

This week’s article is about how stress can affect hair and its growth.

Stress and Hair loss
Your hair reflects your health conditions. Experienced hairdressers can assess mental and physical condition of regular clients during a consultation simply by a diagnosis of their hair and scalp.
It is obvious that there is a close relationship between health, apperance and growth of hair. Our hair cannot look good when you feel anxious and stressed of if you suffer from illness.

Stress and its effects on hair growth

How does stress affect your hair and its growth ?
Each hair follicle is attached to a hair muscle. When you feel stressed or scared, the hair muscle contracts and pulls the hair and follicle upright. Contraction of the hair muscle prevents blood circulation to the scalp and thus deprives hair from essential minerals and vitamins to nourish it. Continuous contraction of hair muscle due to stress may lead to hair loss and premature graying.

Stress also affects health greatly. It has a tendency to get stored on the neck and shoulders and cause problems like headaches, shoulder pain, dizziness, insomnia, general fatigue and other related problems. All these affect hair appearance and its growth since it prevents proper blood circulation to the scalp.

Morevoer, stress may also create and imbalance in hormonal secretion and lead to hair loss.

Note : A whole article will be devoted to this topic later.

Ways to relieve stress
If you find that stress is causing hair loss, the following advice may help to reduce stress and therefore improve appearance of your hair and its growth :

1. Have enough rest. When you feel tired, take a pause and do not force yourself to continue to work.
2. Have enough sleep.
3. Exercise regularly. Stretching, yoga, qi gong, taichi are recommended.
4. Alternate work and leisure.
5. During times when you feel down or in times of problem, find someone with whom you can talk and share your feelings.
6. If you feel tension on neck and shoulder areas, have regular massage in these areas to remove tension and improve blood circulation to the head.
7. Always adopt a positive attitude in life. This will make you happier and therefore enhance health.

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