The importance of diet for healthy hair

  • Posted 06 Mar 2006
The importance of diet for healthy hair

Hair loss problem has also been associated to modern diet which is composed of a great percentage of processed foods...

Improper Diet
Your diet has a great influence on the health of your hair. In many societies, eating habits have changed considerably, mainly influenced by Western diets which contain lots of processed foods (refined carbohydrates, food additives, junk foods, snack foods, soft drinks, fried foods and similar substances). As you can notice, all these foods are high in fat, salt and sugar and are devoid of essential vitamins and minerals.

Below is a list of foods which you should avoid if you want to prevent hair loss or any problem with your hair. The reasons why these foods are bad for health of your hair are also commented.

How do processed foods affect hair ?
Processed foods include fast foods, burgers, fried chicken, chips, pizza, dairy products, ice-cream, chocolate and soft drinks. The list may be quite long and the young generation appreciates these types of food very much. A diet with high fat content favors accumulation of fats in the body leading to obesity and put at risk to various diseases like high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

The importance of diet for healthy hair

High fat content in blood also prevents proper blood circulation to the scalp, thus hair follicles cannot be nourished properly and gradually this affects appearance of hair. Excess fat also triggers sebaceous glands to produce more sebum which tends to clog hair follicles and cause hair loss.

Processed foods like ham, sausages, salami and junk foods like chips have a high salt content. Eating too much salt is bad for the scalp and tends to favor bacteria growth and dandruff. Studies have also shown that hair loss and premature graying are more common among men who like to eat salty and hot foods.

On the other hand, too much sugar in your dier depletes calcium level in the body, weakens bones and hair follicles. It also leads to open pores on the skin, therefore affecting appearance and beauty. As an advice, you can use honey instead of white sugar. Reducing consumption of soft drinks, sweet cakes and biscuits will greatly help.

The importance of diet for healthy hair

Other foods which may affect hair and its growth :
Coffee is a drink which is very bad fo the hair and your health. Many people take it to boost energy level, but in fact taking too much coffee depletes the body’s energy, lowers blood level and makes you prone to diseases due to low energy levels.

If you are used to drinking coffee, you’ll may find it quite difficult to stop at once. However, the following advice may help :

- Never drink coffee on an empty stomach
- Add more milk in your coffee to dilute it
- Gradually reduce coffee consumption

Too much of curry, chillies, garlic and ginger can also affect apperance and growth of hair. A balanced diet is very important for healthy hair. Hair loss is a sign of unhealthy body and you have to take proper steps to review your diet.

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