National Transport Authority to decentralise operations to better serve customers

  • Posted 09 Jan 2017
National Transport Authority to decentralise operations to better serve customers

The year 2017 will witness the decentralisation of the operations of the National Transport Authority (NTA) with a view to enhance services provided to its customers. The announcement was made at a press conference last week by the Road Transport Commissioner, Dr Koshik Reesaul, upon whom rests the responsibility for the administration of the Authority.

The decentralisation of the services at the NTA is in line with the restructuring of the Authority in a bid to offer streamlined and user-friendly services to the public, implement practical measures to respond to customers’ exigencies and enable the NTA to effectively play its role as road transport regulator.

The decentralisation process will kick off as from this week at SGS in Forest Side, one of the three private examination centres which came into operation last year, and will be extended to Autocheck in Plaine Lauzun, and to Eastern in Laventure by February 2017. Services which will be available at these private examination centres include amendments to registration books in case of changes in engine/ colour of vehicles or change of address of owners of vehicles; obtaining a duplicate in case of loss of registration book; transfer of ownership of vehicle; inscription or removal of lien; and application for removal permit to move unlicensed vehicle. In that context, NTA officers will be posted at the centres.

The Road Transport Commissioner announced the inauguration, in the course of the year, of sub-offices in Bambous and St Pierre. In Curepipe, road transport inspectors will be posted in an office near the market with a view to ensure better control and monitoring of the transport situation there.

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