Citizen Support Unit to become more innovative with interface system, says PM

  • Posted 20 May 2019
Citizen Support Unit to become more innovative with interface system, says PM

The Citizen Support Unit (CSU), after two years of existence, is being geared to become more innovative with a harmonised interface system that will enable local authorities to deal with complaints and suggestions of citizens in a more efficient way. This statement was made by the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth last week, at the launching of an interface system with local authorities at the District Council of Moka, Quartier Militaire. 

The Prime Minister said that, since its launch, the CSU has brought Government service delivery up to the next level by improving the quality of life of citizens as well as empowering Governmental institutions by leveraging on innovative technologies through the Citizen Support Portal (CSP). The CSU, he added, has registered around 83,000 cases with 66,000 cases solved, representing 80%.

He praised the dedicated work of the CSU in providing solutions to the daily struggles of citizens and the Citizen Advice Bureau for assisting the population since its creation in 1989. 

For his part, the Chief Executive Officer of Mauritius Telecom (MT), Mr Sherry Singh, stated that the portal is a modern tool which enables any citizen to register a complaint or suggestion via a tablet, a mobile phone or a computer device on a database managed by the CSU. He spoke of MT's continuous commitment towards the CSP and added that the institution is engaged to working for the economic growth of the country.

The CSP, which is under the responsibility of the CSU of the Prime Minister's Office, was developed by MT and launched in April 2017. It has as set objectives to promote transparency and confidence for a citizen to track the status of his/her complaint at any point in time and render Ministries and other stakeholders more responsive and accountable.

Once the complaint or suggestion is filed, it is channelled to the respective Government body where officers diligently address the issue. Throughout the process, the citizen is fully kept informed through automated acknowledgement responses as well as updated information at all times.

Citizens with no access to computer or the Internet can go to the nearest Citizen's Advice Bureau where a CAB officer registers their requests on the portal. The CSU services are also extended to 95 Mauritius Post Offices whereby citizens can go and file their request on the CSP with the assistance of an officer.

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