Second edition of the National Youth Parliament to be held in August

  • Posted 10 Jul 2019
Second edition of the National Youth Parliament to be held in August

The Mauritius National Assembly will host the second edition of the National Youth Parliament (NYP) on Thursday 08 and Friday 09 August 2019, in the Chamber, Mauritius National Assembly. In this context, eligible candidates who wish to be considered for participation are invited to submit their applications not later than Thursday 18 July 2019 on

Applications from Mauritian citizens aged between 14 and 23 years as at 8 August 2019, who are proficient in English and French, and who have not participated in the first edition of the NYP will be considered.

The National Youth Parliament aims at providing a platform for young persons to:

- discuss issues of national and international importance in a parliamentary set up with a view to strengthening democracy and give them a better understanding of the functions and operations of the legislature with regard to the Constitution, Standing Orders and Rules of the National Assembly, parliamentary traditions, conventions and practice;

- develop an interest and understanding of parliamentary history, etiquette and procedure 

- develop their public speaking, presentation, leadership and decision-making skills, as well as enhance their ability to network with fellow citizens for the achievement of common goals.

 Last year, some 379 applications were received for the first edition of the NYP, among whom 82 have been selected to role play as different members of the House. 

Get more information on the National Youth Parliament 2019 here.

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