SATA: Mauritius Telecom delivers on its promise and launches SATA Connect, the Digital Sharing Platform

  • Posted 13 Sep 2019
SATA: Mauritius Telecom delivers on its promise and launches SATA Connect, the Digital Sharing Platform

Sherry Singh, Chairman of SATA (Southern Africa Telecommunications Association) and CEO of Mauritius Telecom (MT), launched SATA Connect (, the SATA Digital Sharing Platform on Friday 13th September, in the presence of Honourable Yogida Sawmynaden, Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation and international delegates from SATA member countries. 

In his speech, Mr Singh recalled the role of SATA, which is to bridge the digital divide, especially within the SADC countries, by encouraging investment in infrastructure, services but also by sharing knowledge. "The idea is also to have a regional platform whereby members of SATA can collaborate in terms of exchange of information, capacity building, regulation, etc.", he added.

When Mr Singh took the chairmanship of SATA in April 2019, together with some colleagues and other members, they discovered that there were a few challenges in the management of the 16 SATA members. One challenge was that there was no common knowledge database; another one was the collaboration aspect: different countries, different time zones made it difficult to share information in real time; and a third challenge was engagement. 

In his acceptance speech as Chairman, he took the commitment, on behalf of SATA, as well as on behalf of Mauritius Telecom, to create a digital sharing platform.  He committed to deliver a new, higher level of sharing and interaction to SATA members, in view of furthering the advancement of each member and their respective country. And he initiated the SATA Connect project as soon as he took office as Chairman of SATA, with a view to bring a simple, user friendly solution to SATA members.

Mauritius Telecom takes its customers and its country very seriously; today with the launch of SATA Connect, MT is also showing that the company takes its regional promises as well very seriously. 

SATA: Mauritius Telecom delivers on its promise and launches SATA Connect, the Digital Sharing Platform

SATA Connect: a full-blown collaboration platform for members of SATA

On SATA Connect, seven collaboration spaces are available, where information related to specific topics of interest are stored, shared and enable better collaboration and interaction among members of SATA:

- News & Media 

- Activities & Events 

- Governance (reserved for SATA members only)

- Resolutions (reserved for SATA members only)

- Knowledge Base 

- Policy & Regulation (reserved for SATA members only) 

- Members (reserved SATA members only) 

Overcoming the challenges of knowledge sharing with the SATA Digital Sharing Platform

With the SATA Connect as a collaboration tool, everything is in one digital workspace. The people, organization updates, documents, projects, communication - all together, and all instantly searchable.

The SATA digital sharing platform is accessible to both members of SATA and the general public. The Digital Sharing Platform will help SATA members stay connected and work together. It will help in building stronger identity and relationships within the SATA community through the sharing of information among themselves and with the general public also.

SATA Connect - the mobile app, available on Android and IOS

SATA Members can also access the Digital Sharing Platform by using a native IOS and Android Mobile App which can be downloaded from App store and Play Store.

The mobile app will provide greater opportunity for sharing, even while on the move. Members will receive push notifications on any activity going on the website/App, like for instance publication of a new content (article, blogs, videos, photos etc.), comments, etc. The secure in-app messaging tool, available on both web and App, allows SATA members to communicate more easily among themselves.

On another note, Mr Singh also talked about 'Roam like home', an initiative to decrease roaming prices in member states. And he invited the SATA member countries to sign the agreements and come on board. "It's high time we have the 'Roam like home' network for SATA", he added. 

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