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my.t weather app

my.t weather app is a new application launched by Mauritius Telecom.
It is a common platform which provides information such as weather
conditions as well as alerts on impending dangers and calamities in

Information is received from the official authorities in Mauritius

Available on the app: Weather Bulletin, Sea Info, Rainfall Weather Forecast, Cyclone Tracks, Cyclone Bulletins, Major Incidents, Traffic Bulletin, Education Bulletin, Emergency Info.

The my.t weather app is available for FREE download on PlayStore from Android users and App Store for iOS users.

The app is available on these devices: Tablet and smartphones.
Minimum Android version supported is Android 4.4.
Minimum iOS version supported is iOS 10.

my.t weather app works best on a 4G network or Wi-Fi.

Yes. On weather dashboard forecast for Rodrigues is available.
Weather map can be zoomed out of the Map of Mauritius and tap on
the Map of Rodrigues to know about the weather conditions there.

Information on this app is being fed by official relevant authorities with regards to weather, major incidents and calamities.
Mauritius Telecom is not responsible for the accuracy and validity of contents appearing on the my.t weather app.
For more information, the relevant authorities should be contacted.

The app is updated as and when official communiques and alerts are issued by the relevant authorities.

my.t weather app is available for free on PlayStore/AppStore for all users. my.t weather app is free for download on all mobile networks in Mauritius. Browsing on the my.t mobile network is also free. However, any media material such as pictures and videos which will be downloaded and/or shared will incur normal data charges. Push notifications, maps views, and external contents available within my.t weather will incur charges as per your normal data plan. All local sites within my.t weather are accessible for free. However access to the international sites in my.t weather will be charged as per your mobile data plan. Mobile Internet charges may apply for using the app on other mobile operators’ networks.

my.t weather app is available as long as you have internet connection. If the app has to be accessed on mobile data, a minimum credit of Rs 5.00 must be available on your mobile account.

The app awaits official communiqués from the relevant authorities.

Yes. By default, the app will provide weather conditions in Port Louis.

The app shows the nearest weather station to your location.

You need to enable push notification for my.t weather on your mobile
to receive push notifications. For iOS users, low power mode can delay
the push notifications. Push SMS is a different service from the app.

SMS notification is a different service from the app.

You need to enable push notification for my.t weather on your mobile to receive push notifications. For iOS users, low power mode can delay the push notifications.

Calls on Emergency Numbers is free of charge while calls on normal lines will incur normal charges.