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Conferencing services

Audio Conferencing

Keep in touch with your business contacts

Audio conferencing allows multiple parties to connect on a virtual meeting room from different locations using phones or computers.

Mauritius Telecom audio conference service facilitates the scheduling of conference calls with up to 100 participants from any national or international, fixed or mobile network or by simply using a web browser on your laptop.

The service offers a simple and professional way to get in touch with partners and team members wherever they are located.

Audio conferencing enables a business client to ensure efficient and fast decision-making.


  • Improve interactivity through virtual meetings with your local or international business contacts
  • Pull together the team at short notice
  • Plan a meeting in advance
  • Save on travelling expenses
  • Access the conference call from any national or international, fixed or mobile network, or from a browser
  • Customise conference access codes for secured meetings
  • Service available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Conferences can recur at configurable intervals (daily, weekly, monthly)

Tailor-made offers to suit your unique needs

  • For occasional users who need to schedule a conference on the go
  • Book for conference calls via Mauritius Telecom as and when needed
  • Customer pays a per minute tariff per participant (calling lines)
  • For regular usage where the customer has access on the interface
  • Provides flexibility and control
  • Schedule conference calls directly on the system
  • Modify conference details as and when required
  • Customer pays a monthly rental plus a per minute tariff per participant (calling lines)

Advanced features

  • Record your conference so that the minutes of the meeting can be drafted at your own convenience or an absent participant can get an update of useful developments during the conference call
  • Ease of understanding through live presentations
  • Enhance discussion using an interactive whiteboard
  • Lock the conference to make sure no other participant join in
  • Create polls for better integration
  • Use mute/unmute/lecture mode to reduce background noise
  • Microsoft Outlook can be used to send invitations

How to use the Audio Conferencing Service?

In order to access the Service, the my.t fixed and mobile customers may either dial the short codes provided and/or type the URL provided by Mauritius Telecom. Participants, accessing the Audio Conference bridge from abroad, must dial the fixed Audio Conference number provided for international callers.

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Our Tariffs

Pay As You Go Conferencing

Tariff payable by company (organiser)

Rs 3.50/ minute/ calling number number (For my.t fixed & mobile calls)

Tariff payable by International callers

normal international tariff applies

Booking Conferencing

Tariff payable by company (organiser)

Monthly Rental: Rs 2,500 Rs 2.00/ minute/ calling number (For my.t fixed & mobile calls)

Tariff payable by International callers

normal international tariff applies

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a cost effective and easy way to conduct meetings virtually without incurring any travel cost.

Booking Conferencing

  • distance learning
  • training sessions
  • corporate/board meetings
  • interviews
  • telemedicine

What are the key benefits?

  • cut cost
  • improve productivity
  • collaborate anywhere, anytime
  • full technical support
  • available 24/7
  • video conferencing possible at customer premises

The tariff plan


(Rs VAT exc.)

  • Rs 4,500 per hour
  • Rs 7,000 per hour


(Rs VAT exc.)

  • Rs 4,500 per hour
  • Rs 4,000 per hour

Note: Temporary internet connections may be applied for at Mauritius Telecom.

Minimum booking time is 1 hour. Thereafter, bookings can be made in 15 minute time slots.

Cancellation charges: Rs 2,000 (VAT exc.)
Cancellation charges are applicable when cancelling a video conference call 24 hours before due.

How to book?

Send your booking request on