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Fixed telephony

Connect with your customers using Mauritius Telecom’s telephony network. The fixed line gives you access to affordable local and international calls, broadband internet packages, TV channels and so much more.

Installation costs
Call charges
Value Added Services
Fixed phones
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Documents required

  • Application form

  • Your National ID card (Mauritian national) OR passport

  • Your BRN (Business Registration Number) certificate

  • Certificate of Incorporation

  • Your VAT certificate (where applicable)

Terms and Conditions



Email all documents to


Telecom Shops

Visit your nearest Telecom Shop with the required documents

Installation costs


Refundable Security Deposit (VAT not applicable)Rs 2,000
Installation of New Line (VAT excl)Rs 3,000
  • You will be contacted to fix an appointment for installation at your location. Installation of your fixed line is within 4 weeks if you are within our network coverage.
  • Installation fee mentioned above is during office hours. An additional fee of Rs 500 will be charged for installation outside office hours.
  • Installation fee of your new line and the security deposit will appear on your first fixed line bill.
Note: If you reside in a remote location, outside our network coverage, we will first perform a feasibility study of the area before proceeding with your request. Once we are ready with the infrastructure, we will contact you.

Fixed Phones

Alcatel T76

Alcatel T76
  • Large alphanumeric display
  • 8 direct memory keys
  • 25 last number redial
  • 58 Caller ID* log
  • *Conditions apply
  • Rs 799

Alcatel C250

Alcatel C250
  • Backlight display
  • 20 name and number directory
  • Log of the last 10 incoming calls
  • *Subscribe to get CLI service
  • Rs 799

Alcatel F200

Alcatel F200
  • Phone book 50 names,numbers
  • 20 incoming calls*
  • Blue backlight display
  • *Subscribe to get CLI service
  • Rs 999

Alcatel T16

Alcatel T16
  • 38 Caller ID* Log
  • Numerical display with Caller ID
  • Tone/Pulse dialing
  • Wall mountable
  • *Conditions apply
  • Rs 399

Alcatel XL650 Combo

Alcatel XL650 Combo
  • 2 large displays withlarge digits
  • 4 direct access keys
  • Ans machine recording time 30m
  • Cordless: AAA battery
  • Rs 2999

Note: Prices are VAT inclusive

Read my bill

  1. Name: Name and address of the customer
  2. VAT REG NO.: Customer VAT Registration No., and the serial number if customer is VAT registered
  3. Date of bill: Date when the bill was issued
  4. Month: Billing Month
  5. Period: Period of consumption of calls
  6. Customer Acc. No: Account number of customer
  7. Service Number: Abbrev. + Your Number
    Abbrev: Abbreviations for different products / services are:
    • Telephone: TLP
    • International Leased Circuit: IL
    • Telex: TLX
    • Leased Circuit: LC
    • Mauridata: PSX
    • Telegram: TLG
    • ...and many more
  8. Bill Number: Reference number for the invoice
  9. Balance of Previous Bill: Amount still due when last bill was issued
  10. Amount Debited: Any further claims made since last bill was issued
  11. Payments received / Credit Adjustments:
    All payments received or credit adjustments made since last bill was issued
  12. Amount still due as at: Arrears as at date of issue of bill
  13. Detailed rental: Rental of specific products /services for a given period, claimed one month in advance
  14. Domestic calls: All domestic calls for the billing month
  15. Nb.: Number of calls made; Duration: Total duration of calls
  16. International calls: All international calls for the billing month
  17. Other charges:
    In this section, the following are shown:
    Services such as Audiotex, Internet, etc are listed with corresponding number of calls, duration and amount
    Tickets: additional claims such as installation fee, transfer fee, etc...
  18. VAT %: This column shows the % of VAT applicable to this item
  19. Total amount for the period (before VAT): Sub total of the bill prior to applying VAT
  20. Value Added Tax: Amount of VAT claimed
  21. Total amount inclusive of VAT: Sum of 19 and 20 above
  22. "If payment is...": This indicates that if bill is not settled by the specified date, the applicable surcharge will be claimed.
  23. Total amount due: Total claim inclusive of VAT and all outstanding amounts as at date of issue of bill i.e. Sum of 12 and 21 above
  24. This section is reserved for general messages
  25. This section is reserved for messages towards specific customers
  26. Summary of the whole bill

Call Charges

Monthly Rental for Business Customers: Rs 225

my.t fixed to my.t fixed/other fixed operators

Domestic Calls*Normal hoursOff peak (20h30 - 06h30)
1st indivisible minute0.850.60
additional second0.010.01

my.t fixed to my.t mobile/other mobile operators

Domestic Calls*Charges
first minuteRs 1.45
additional secondRs 0.02

* Calls exclude special numbers (150, 152, 303xxxx, 302xxxx, 301xxxx etc).All tariffs are VAT exclusive.

International Call 020

Call your international contacts directly from your fixed line and pay for the calls on your MT telephone bill. To make an international call, dial 020 , followed by the country code, area code and the number of the person you want to call.

Tariffs per country (Rs)

CountryFirst 30sPer additional second
Sri Lanka3.250.108

Tariffs per zone (Rs)

ZoneFirst 30sPer additional second
Zone 23.450.115
Zone 3,4,54.350.145
Zone 6,7,84.650.155
Zone 2Reunion
Zone 3,4,5Comoros, Ehiopia, Kenya, Mayotte, Lesotho, Ouganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar
Zone 6,7,8Others except China, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Pakistan

All tariffs are VAT exclusive.

International Call Sezam

To make an international call via Sezam, dial 3202051 , followed by the country code, area code and the number of the person you want to call.

Tariffs per country (Rs)

CountryMin Charge 1st MinPer Sec after 1st Min
Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, UK, USA, South Africa5.700.0950
Reunion, Japan, Thailand6.900.1150
Netherlands, Spain, Zimbabwe7.500.1250
Botswana, Malagasy Rep, Mozambique, Romania, Saudi Arabia, UAE8.700.1450
Sri Lanka6.500.1083

All tariffs are VAT exclusive. 020 tariffs apply for countries not listed in the table.