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Free Facebook offer

What is free Facebook for Orange mobile customers?

All of our mobile customers now get access to FREE Facebook on their mobile. Below are everything you can do with our free offer:

Included in Free Facebook

Update my status

Like a post, share a post, comment on a post

Add friends

Check events

Browse newsfeed

View pictures /album on Facebook

Chat on Facebook Messenger

Not Included in Free Facebook

Viewing any video on Facebook or on external links like YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo or others

Upload picture and video on Facebook

Video and voice call in Facebook Messenger

  • Making sure you have the right mobile

    • You need a 3G/3G+/4G mobile (check this page for available mobiles at Orange)
    • You need to have internet configured on your mobile (How to configure internet?)
    • You need to have an active SIM (that is a SIM with which you can still make and receive calls/SMS)
    • You need to have a SIM card with data activated (How to configure internet?)
  • Download and install the FB app

    • Download and install the official FB app (by Facebook Inc.)
    • You can also download and install FB Messenger app (by Facebook Inc.)
    • If you are using another app to access Facebook, verify with the app developer that they are accessing


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    google play logo


    google play logo

    Blackberry OS 10

    google play logo
  • Make sure you have enough credit to access the internet

    You need to have at least Rs6 on your mobile to access the internet, if you are on Pay As You Go . This is just to get access. Your credit will NOT be deducted for accessing Facebook *.

  • Connect to Facebook using your installed app

    Now connect to FB using your installed Facebook app or Facebook Messenger app.

  • Post, share, like , comment , view pics

    • update your status
    • browse Newsfeed
    • like/share/comment on a post
    • add friends
    • chat on FB messenger
    • view pictures/album on Facebook
    • check events
    • add friends


Only Orange mobile customers*, both Prepay and Post Pay. You need to have a 3G/3G+/4G mobile that can access the internet (check this page for available mobiles at Orange).

*If you are a Blackberry user, note that this offer is valid only for Blackberry mobiles with BB OS10+

No you don’t. But you do need an active SIM card and also a minimum credit of Rs 6 on your SIM to be able to access the internet on your mobile. Your credit will NOT be deducted for accessing Facebook *.

We do recommend that you buy our very affordable mobile internet packages to access other apps or sites than Facebook on your mobile. It will cost you less than accessing the internet on Pay as You Go (PAYG – i.e no packages).

Yes you can. Open your mobile browser and type (except Opera mini browser).

This can be mainly because when you activate your mobile data on your smartphone, there are apps that will still try to access or sync with the internet in the background. Even if you stop all background activities of your apps on your smartphone and turn off automatic sync on mobile data, there may still be some activities that could happen in the background which may partly use your credit. We guarantee that usage of Facebook app, and messenger app for the following is Free for Orange Prepay & Post Pay users:

  • Update status, like, share, comments, add your friend, check events.
  • Browsing your news feed
  • View pictures /album on Facebook
  • Chat on Facebook Messenger
  • Share post/ photo/ video

With Free Facebook, you spend less on mobile data!

* What is not included in Free Facebook?

  • If you move away from your m.facebook to access for e.g an external link such as YouTube, data will be deducted from your data package or charged at standard PAYG rates.
  • Uploading photos to your FB account or connecting to external links will be deducted in your data package or charged at standard PAYG rates.
  • Connecting to your Facebook account using or will be deducted in your data package or charged at standard PAYG rates.
  • Calls on Facebook Messenger are not included.
Check out our FAQ or if you have other queries, we will be glad to help you on our Facebook page