Rs 89,990
5G phone
Rs 67,990
As from Rs 19,990 with a Postpay offer
Rs 52,990
5G phone
Rs 52,990
As from Rs 15,590 with a Postpay offer
5G phone
Rs 46,990
As from Rs 13,850 with a Postpay offer
Rs 30,190
Rs 25,990
5G phone
Rs 20,190
Rs 18,900
Rs 17,290
Rs 15,999
Rs 11,990
Rs 10,990
Rs 9,990
Rs 8,990
Rs 7,990
Rs 6,890
Rs 5,990
Rs 1,990

General Conditions:

  • All prices are VAT inclusive.
  • You are entitled to Rs 1,000 discount on listed price for smartphones above Rs 15,000 if phone is bought with a new Postpay offer.
    No Postpay discount is applicable if phone is already at a discounted price.
  • Product color, shape, characteristics and phone interface are for reference only.
  • Functions and applications, which are manufacturer dependent, may vary by region.
  • Non contractual photos
  • Subject to availability of stock

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