Lifestyle and hair loss

  • Posted 27 Mar 2006
Lifestyle and hair loss

There is no doubt that your lifestyle has a great influence on your hair.

Fad diets

Actually, the craze for a slim body has led to popularity of fad diets especially among women. In fact losing excess weight is a good resolution. However methods used may not be appropriate and may harm your health and also your hair. Many use to skip meals because they want to lose weight faster while others may not have breakfast because they do not have enough time in the morning. Skipping meals often or improper diet may lead to deficiency of vital minerals and vitamins which affects proper blood circulation which is so important for hair growth.

Lifestyle and hair loss

Lack of sleep

In this modern society, jobs are getting more stressful, often requiring longer working hours and may be the cause of excess fatigue and lack of sleep. This situation may lead to dull hair, split ends and even hair loss. People who used to go to bed late may have experience that hair loss is more severe the next day. Lack of sleep reduces body temperature and therefore affects blood circulation.


Smoking is very harmful to your health. It affects your lungs and studies have shown that for each pound of cigarettes you smoke, body temperature lowers by one degree which obviously affects blood circulation and therefore your hair.

Lifestyle and hair loss

You may have noticed that blood circulation is very important for healthy hair. The next article will be about the relation between blood and hair.

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