Mauritian on E-Teacher Program in the U.S.

  • Posted 23 Jul 2012
Mauritian on E-Teacher Program in the U.S.

Aruna Beedassy was selected for the E-Teacher Professional Development Workshop scheduled to take place at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, from July 21 to August 12.

She has 12 years experience as an English and English Literature teacher. She worked for nine years at Dr. Maurice Curé State College and is currently a teacher of the Phoenix State Secondary School. She is a member of the English Speaking Union.

The purpose of the E-Teacher Professional Development Workshop is to enhance participants´ understanding of TESOL methodology and introduce them to innovative best practices for teaching English as an international language.

This, in turn, will lead to the development and implementation of ongoing effective EFL training programs in participants´ home countries following the Workshop. By the end of this 3-week program, 26 educators from different countries-will have further deepened their understanding of current ELT methods and techniques; improved their skills to conduct professional presentations and workshops in English; developed leadership skills that will enable them to share knowledge gained in the program with colleagues through workshops or professional presentations in their home countries; enhanced their understanding of the U.S. and international cultures through their professional interactions between U.S. and other foreign EFL educators; and developed a professional development plan, including an an assessment component with measureable objectives, for the dissemination of best practices which are uniquely suited to each participant´s local EFL context.

In January, Aruna Beedassy received her certificate for completing the following course: Critical Thinking for English Language Teaching (EFL) in the Curriculum from University of Oregon under the E-Teacher Scholarship Program.