SMS info

What is SMS info?

With SMS info service, you can access information on local weather, horoscope, cinema, football, foreign exchange, etc ... just by sending an SMS to 789. You will receive back the information requested by SMS.

Why should I use it ?

  • it's an inexpensive and easy way to stay informed
  • you can access it anywhere, anytime
  • you save time
  • you always get updated information

How much does it cost?

Rs 1 (VAT exc.) is charged per SMS when you send a keyword to 789 from either a Prepay or a Postpay mobile. (Incoming SMS is free)

How do I use the service?

Simply request for specific information by sending required keyword to 789. Get the corresponding keyword for different categories of information from the table below and send it by SMS to 789. You will get back an SMS (in one or more SMS depending on the length of the information).