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Club App 3CX

App download

Once your application is successfully registered, each user will receive a welcome email from 3CX with their extension number.

3CX app is easy to set up. Grab your smartphone and follow these steps:

  • Download 3CX app from Google Play or App Store;
  • Log In to the app, scan the QR code in the 3CX welcome email and kick start your business.

Check the list below to see if your device is compatible for 3CX:

  • Android 7.0 and up;
  • iOS 10 and up;
  • iPhone 5 and up;
  • iPad 6th Generation and up;
  • Web Browser: Google Chrome is preferred.

Yes, Wi-Fi or mobile data is required to use 3CX app.

Club App 3CX Registration

Save time, Go online! To subscribe to Club App 3CX, click here and follow the steps.

If you need more guidance, you can also Call us on 8901.

A Business Registration certificate

An email address and that’s it!

If you need more guidance, you can Call us on 8901.

Note: If you and your employees share a common email, that is perfectly fine too.

Once you have submitted your online request, you will receive a welcome email along with a request to provide other employees’ email address.

If you need more guidance, you can also Call us on 8901.

Once you have submitted all details of your team, you will receive a welcome email from 3CX within 2 working days.

The email will contain a QR Code and a web browser link. Scan the QR code with your smartphone or access the web link to get started.

Check your junk email and if you still cannot locate the email, call us on 8901 and our team will assist you.

Club App 3CX Using the Service

With Club Pack 3CX, you will receive a fixed line number for your business while keeping your personal mobile number private.

Share the number with your customers and never miss a business call.

If you are logged in on your smartphone, table or laptop, the call will land on one of your logged in device to the user who was first on the registration form.

Tips! It is best to allocate yourself (the boss) or a receptionist as team member 1 in order to receive first priority on the call received.


Note: To ensure all business calls are answered, you may also forward unanswered calls to other members of your team using the web link on your laptop.

Absolutely, just select your contact number from your contact list and click the call button else you can also dial the number you wish to call.

Note: Only team members where outgoing call was ticked in the application form can conduct outgoing calls.

  • Tap on the Status indicator at the top of the screen.
  • Tap on the arrow next to Available.
  • Under section Unanswered Calls, choose the ‘No Answer Timeout’ duration.
  • Select Forward External Calls.
  • Tap on ‘Forward To: Extension’ and enter the extension number on which you wish to forward your calls.

Unfortunately, international calls are barred at the time of activation.

Send us an email on if you wish to allow international calls. 

Note: All team members who can make outgoing calls will also be able to make international calls.

Access the 3CX web link and follow these easy steps:

  • Select ‘Meet’;
  • Click on ‘New Conference’;
  • Fill in your meeting details.
  • Under ‘Select Email/Calendar to add to’, select ‘Email (Legacy, No RSVP)’.
  • Add participants and hit the Create Meeting button.

We recommend you to verify your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

If the problem still persists, call us on 8901.

Club App 3CX Charges & Tariffs

Club App 3CX gives you the opportunity to call as much as you like without any charges within your users/members.

If calls are forwarded to a mobile number or fixed line number and someone calls your business number, a standard fixed to mobile tariffs or standard fixed to fixed tariffs will be applied.

In the monthly rental, you will benefit from 150min free calls to my.t mobile and fixed lines. Calls beyond the 150 min free calls will be charged at the below tariff. 

Calls to a fixed line Normal hours Off peak hours (20h30 – 06h30)
1st indivisible minute Rs 0.85 Rs 0.60
additional second Rs 0.01 Rs 0.01

* Tariffs are VAT exclusive.

In the monthly rental, you will benefit from 150min free calls to my.t mobile and fixed lines. Calls beyond the 150 min free calls will be charged at the below tariff. 

Calls to a mobile line
1st indivisible minute Rs 1.45
additional second Rs 0.02

* Tariffs are VAT exclusive.

Club App 3CX Simultaneous Calls

You can conduct either 4 internal or external calls simultaneously at any point in time.

The recommended number of simultaneous calls per user is as per below table:

No. of users Recommended number of simultaneous calls
Less than 10 4
Between 10 and 24 8
Between 25 and 50 16


You may also opt for 8 simultaneous calls or 16 simultaneous calls at an additional monthly rental.

Club App 3CX Miscellaneous

You just need to allow 3CX to access your Contacts in your phone settings.

Unfortunately call recording option is not available.

Yes, please check your phone settings if they don’t.

You just need to open the welcome email with the QR Code received from 3CX during your registration. Download the app on your new phone and scan the QR code to get started.

You just need to open the welcome email from sender ‘3CX Communications System - Mauritius Telecom Ltd”. The web client link is under section ‘Installation on your PC/laptop’.

If you can’t locate your Welcome 3CX email, give us a call on 8901 and we’ll help you out.