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With my.t money PEYE NET, all my.t money customers can earn points when making payments via the my.t money app or through promotional activities.

You earn points whenever you make the following payments/purchase via my.t money app:

  • Merchant Payment
  • Bill payment
  • Recharge of airtime/data packs

You will earn 1 point for each Rs 1 spent.

All my.t money customers are eligible to earn points and enjoy amazing offers available on the Gift catalogue.

Points on my.t money are valid for a period of 12 months as from date received. If not redeemed before the 12-month period, the points will expire and will be no longer be redeemable.

Visit the “Rewards” section on the my.t money app. Your points balance will be displayed.  You can also view your transaction points history there.

No, you cannot share points you earned with others.

You will not receive points for the following transactions:

  • Transfer of money (from one my.t money customer to another)
  • Saving Pots
  • Cash-In

Check the number of points required for each voucher on the Gift catalogue.

Redeem your points easily:

  • Go to Rewards on your my.t money app
  • Choose Voucher
  • Select Redeem Voucher
  • You will receive your Voucher

You can use your voucher immediately or save it for later.

Select the icon icon at the top right of the Rewards section on your my.t money app. 

All vouchers redeemed and used are displayed there.

No, vouchers received or redeemed are neither transferable, nor exchangeable and non-negotiable.

Once the customer cancels his/her my.t money account, he/she will lose all points and vouchers.

You may contact us on 8908, our team will assist you.