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Voice over LTE enables voice calls to be transmitted over the 4G network. Unlike calls that operate on 2G or 3G networks, VoLTE uses the faster and more reliable 4G infrastructure, so you can use your mobile data for calling and browsing at the same time without interruption.


  • Enjoy both voice and data simultaneously; you can browse while making and receiving calls on our 4G network
  • Enjoy crystal clear and superior voice quality
  • Get instant call set up

VoLTE is available to all my.t Prepay and Postpay customers who have a VoLTE compatible smartphone that is updated with the latest device software version.

Discover VoLTE compatible smartphones


There is no subscription fee charge for VoLTE; it is an enhancement to your current voice service.

iPhone users

Go to Settings > Mobile Data > Under SIMs section choose Mobile Data > Voice & Data > select VoLTE

Steps to activate VoLTE on your iPhone.


Huawei users

Go to Settings > Mobile Network > Mobile Network > Mobile Data > select VoLTE Calls

Steps to activate VoLTE on your Huawei smartphone


Xiaomi users

Go to Settings > SIM Cards & Mobile Networks > Select SIM > Switch on USE VOLTE

*Steps to enable VoLTE may differ subject to smartphone models


Huawei phone

The VoLTE icon should display in the status bar when available.


The icon on the top left of your mobile screen will remain as 4G when you are making or receiving phone calls.

You will still be able to make and receive calls but you will fall back on 2G/3G network.

You will continue to enjoy VoLTE if your new smartphone is compatible with my.t mobile network.

No, not for the time being.

Yes, it works on eSIM except eSIM one number.

VoLTE calls will not consume mobile data and all your VoLTE calls will be charged as per normal call tariffs.

You may experience this situation in low 4G coverage areas (if you are indoors for example) as VoLTE calls require stable 4G network reception.


There may be a slight improvement in battery life.

You do not have to change your SIM card to enjoy VoLTE unless you have a 3G SIM.

The service is not affected if the SIM card is changed.

Yes, you have the option to disable VoLTE from your device settings.

There is no extra charge for VoLTE calls; they are charged in the same way as all other mobile voice calls.

Yes, but your device will use the 4G network to access VoLTE.

May be:

  1. You have a 3G SIM
  2. VoLTE is not enabled on your device or you need to update your device software
  3. You are in a low 4G coverage zone.
  1. A VoLTE compatible smartphone
  2. A 4G/5G SIM
  3. Have 4G/5G coverage
  4. Enable VoLTE in your smartphone settings

If you meet the above criteria and still cannot experience VoLTE, please call 8900.